Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Never Take a Day for Granted"

Words to live by

Not too long ago I met two lovely women on two separate occasions. Both had beautiful spirits and both possessed love within their hearts. The first lady I met had her first chemo session. She had several more to complete. She wore a pleasant smile on her face and was by far one of the most uplifting persons I have met. She had chosen to get a drastic haircut before the effects of the chemo kicked in. She truly is a perfect example of how the world we live in should be. Life throws many obstacles across our path. It is up to us how to respond to those boulders.

The second lovely lady I had met was just as sweet. I learned her teenage son was killed in a motorcycle accident five years ago. The tears flooded in my eyes as she shared a photograph of her son. Her words touched my heart, “Never take a day for granted.” I will forever remember that moment.

The next time you feel the need to complain about something so trivial, remind yourself to count your blessings and never take a day for granted.