Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pinterest Anyone?

What is Follow Me on Pinterest 


Pinterest is the latest social photo sharing website that allows its community to make up virtual pinboards according to themes such as inspiration, recipes, style, favorites, etc. If you're getting married, you can even plan your wedding with pinboards. It launched in 2010 but it seems this year it has become most known.

I do have to admit when I first signed up I was a little addicted. Okay, a lot addicted.
I love photography and images that promote any kind of creativity or inspiration. It's also a great tool for authors to share pictures of their characters and settings of their novels.

When the whole copyright scare made its rounds, I became less active. However, I did come across a helpful blog post (which I'll share below) that covers this topic and it's well worth reading.

Nevertheless, Pinterest, in my opinion, is such an awesome idea. I love to create and sharing pinboarding is just plain fun. I'm more of a visual person so this is right up my alley.

So how do you use it?

When I first started, I asked several people for help and for some reason or another nobody answered so I had to figure it out on my own. It's really a cinch once you are familiar with it. Promise.

So this is what you do:

Log in—you have an account right? If not, open one up.

At the top right corner you will see:

Click on ADD.

A little box will pop up.


If you have a pic you want to add from a site you know of, click on ADD A PIN
or if you want to upload: UPLOAD A PIN

Also, if you click on the PINTEREST logo at the top, you can see what your friends are posting. Click on a pic and it will take you to the site it originated from.

You can also find your friends in the SEARCH box. A bunch of images will pop up after you enter a name and click on the magnify glass in the Search box. 

This gives you the option to search by boards or people. Click on PEOPLE and voila. Your friend's pinboards will pop up. The cool part about it, you can search for certain topics that can help with when researching for your WIP or future novels.

Also here is a code for your PIN BUTTON

Select the HTML Code for preferred button and copy n paste. If you have Blogger go to:

Paste code and save
Okay, so here they are. The links I promised that I found very helpful. I have been collecting them throughout the year.

Happy pinning!
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Are you on Pinterest?
What do you like best about Pinterest? What do you like the least?

Literary agent Amanda Luedeke shares some good tips at

Book Baby shares Pinterest for Authors:  

Some awesome insight on  

Literary agent Rachelle Gardner share great tips at Ten Tips for Authors Using Pinterest She also shares some thoughts at  Pinterest: 13 Things Writers Should Know

Lucille Zimmerman offers helpful tips and some more links about Pinterest at Using Pinterest to Pump Your Platform


Victoria Adams said...

Great article. Thanks. Now I am beginning to understand what this pining thing is.

Casea Major said...

I really need to see about signing up. I'd love to post my inspiration pix for everyone to see. Thanks for the great tips, Mart!

Daryl Devore said...

Awesome post. I'll be contacting you if I run into confusion.

Melissa Limoges said...

Very awesome post, Mart! I'm not even sure how I ended up on Pinterest, but it can be highly addictive. :)

Carol Kilgore said...

Love Pinterest! I'm following you already. I'm keeping your post up - or coming back to check out the links. Don't have time right now. There's a lot I don't know - and I want to learn.

Brenda said...

THANK YOU! Now I can play more with it.

Eldheni said...

thanks for the info. I joined Pinterest when it started but, like you, could never get anyone to tell me what to DO with it... so I gave up.
Now, I'll give it another shot.

One thing...much as I would LOVE to post pictures of my characters... finding photos of fantasy characters is usually not gonna happen, LOL

Still, might be a lot of fun for other things. Thanks again

Jamie Raintree said...

I JUST opened a Pinterest account to keep track of my characters and put together inspiration for my novel. I really love it!

Stina Lindenblatt said...

I recently started playing around with Pinterest. I'm going to do more with it once I finish the edits to my current WIP. Soon soon soon. :)

Thanks for the links. I'll be studying them next week.