Wednesday, February 4, 2015

❤️February is HEART MONTH! ❤️

It's February!! One of my favorite months!! 

And guess what? President Obama declared February as American Heart Month

How awesome is that?

I've always loved Valentine's Day, but it wasn't until doctors discovered my congenital heart defect that I learned to truly appreciate and embrace it.

Never in my life had I expected to say that I'm 1 in 100--a CHD survivor. 

Born with a broken heart. It is what inspired me to write my latest children book, BROKEN HEART

February is more than a special month for me. Always will be. 


Let's spread some CHD awareness and save a heart. ❤️ 

Sending you all much heart love! 

Hope you have an amazing February! 

#CHD #HeartMonth 

When seven-year-old Stephanie learns her twin, Julia, has a broken heart and the doctors have to mend it, she tries to make sense of things. Doing her best to stay strong, she helps Julia face her fears. 

It's up to Stephanie to be Julia's biggest cheerleader. If she had only one wish, it'd be that doctors would fix Julia's heart and make it all better.

Will Stephanie get her heart's desire?

Click HERE to view/buy BROKEN HEART on AMAZON.


Stina Lindenblatt said...

LOVE this post, Mart!!! And I'm so glad you're a survivor. xox