Saturday, February 20, 2010


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What is POV?
Some see it as a work of art.

For others it may mean Privately Owned Vehicle, or Power of Veto. But for us writers it means one thing and one thing only: Point of View.

So what is it exactly? What are the rules? Which POV should you use?

Below I have listed some links that help explain and remind us writers what POV is all about.

Deep POV is hot. And why wouldn't it be?
It makes for a fascinating and emotional ride. Deep POV allows readers to get under the character's skin.

Here is some info on Deep POV:

Mastering Deep POV

Strong Emotive Writing

How to use Deep POV effectively
How do authors make their characters come alive using Deep POV?
Find out HERE
Camy Tang shows you tips that pull the reader deeper into the character’s point of view HERE
Making POV work for you
Limited Third Person/Deep POVNot sure what POV you want to write in?
Maybe this can help.

Gail Gaymer shows us how to select the right POV HERE


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all the POV links in your post. Lots of great, useful information.

Joylene said...

These links are great, Martha. Thanks so much. I'm comfortable with POV, but I appreciate reading the depth to which I can go if I keep searching. These were very helpful.

Joylene said...

Just in case my comment doesn't show, here's another "This was excellent. Thanks."

Camy Tang said...

Thanks for linking to my blog, Martha!

Joylene said...

I tried twice to leave a comment yesterday. Just wanted to add that this was a super post. Thanks, Martha!

Daryl said...

Thanks for the info Mart. Great blog.